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The HSO provides an opportunity for musicians to come together, rehearse and perform a varied repertoire of classical music. The only criteria for membership of the orchestra is the ability to play an appropriate musical instrument to a sufficient standard.

The HSO also provides an opportunity for the residents of Essex that are interested in live classical music, to come and hear our concerts. Our concerts are reasonably priced and Under 16s are free to encourage the classical musicians of the future to come and experience live playing in a large group.

Presenting live classical music in an affordable way is a great educational experience for children. Music is important in the education of our young people and with less money available in schools for such activities, having a local orchestra becomes really important in providing access to classical music for young people. Similarly, a strong community needs to have balanced and diverse activities and we feel an orchestra should be a part of this diversity as it can help expand the horizons of, and stimulate the local area.

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